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Murble Activity sets are designed for group play with each player having only 2 Game balls instead of 3. Activity playgroups are set up with up to 4 players using one point ball. Activity Murble sets are ideal for youth groups and senior players alike.

The Small Activity set has 9 balls and is for up to 4 players. Select 4 custom colors for your Game balls, your one Point ball color and the color of your canvas game bag with the rules on the back.

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– Made in USA

– Great for the family

– Great for parties

– Up to 16 players

– Great for any age




  1. Each player takes possession of 2 or 3 Murbles of one color.
  2. The challenger also takes possession of the remaining white Murble, the target ball, and will start the round of play.
  3. With players standing comfortably side by side, the target ball is thrown underhand forward into play from 3 to 30+ feet.
  4. Once the target ball is in play, players cannot move from their relative positions.
  5. The players alternate underhand throws, attempting to get their game balls as close as they can to the target ball.
  6. Points are received by only one player in a round. The player closest to the target ball scores 1 point per ball. The player who received the point (or points) also gains control of the target ball and will start the next round of play (from this location) in any forward direction. (Repeat from Rule #3).
  7. If a tie occurs for the first point in any round of play, the tied Murbles are removed from play and points are reassessed from the remaining game balls (1 point per ball).
  8. bad throw exists when a player starts a round of play with a game ball instead of the target ball. A penalty of -1 point and a turnover of the target ball to the opponent results.
  9. replay exists when the target ball is thrown into an unsafe or hazardous area (no penalties, just restart the round).
  10. A round is 1 to 3 points; a set is when the first player reaches 10 points. A game is best 2 out of 3 sets.

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2 Players, 4 players


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