Let me introduce ourselves. We are MR USA. We believe everyone should have the choice to buy American made products. To choose to buy locally and help the future generations of this county. MR USA provides a place to find American made products in one location. We do extended research to make sure the products we offer are American made. The manufacture must provide adequate documentation stating their products are made in America and follow FTC standers.
MR USA is a website for American made goods. We do the hard work of finding American made products. We make sure the products are made in the USA. We follow FTC standers and we have the manufacture provide proof that they make the product in the USA. We are so confident in the products we sell that we guarantee it’s American made and stand up to the expectations of American made products. Our goal is to have a website (mrrusa.com) that the general public can search for everything American made with the security that they are truly buying American made products. We try our best to keep the prices the lowest we can. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.
We are asking for funding to make our website a marketplace. Right now our website allows us (MR USA) to post the products ourselves. We want to allow the business that makes their product to be able to post it on MR USA. This means they can run any sales they may want to run, add new products, remove old products, have their own storefront within our website. This will allow small businesses to afford a website.


We are not stopping there. This marketplace isn’t just for customers. Our marketplace will allow manufactures to find raw materials. What does that mean you ask? This will allow manufacturers that produce T-Shirts to find a cotton farm to get their cotton to make their shirts. But wait there more!
We are going to have a feature that allows anyone to shop locally. For example, you live in NY and want to support NY business you can search for businesses in NY to buy from.
We saved the best part for last. On top of all that, someone that has an idea for a product can find manufacturers in the USA. This will allow them to make their product right here in the USA! They can log in to our website and search for manufactures and message them all right through our website.
We are the ONLY website that we know of that will be a true market place for American made products. A place where smaller American-made business can sell their products themselves, a place you can find American-made products that are made in your backyard, a place to find raw American materials, and a place to find American manufactures! Together we can make manufacturing in the USA easier and make HISTORY!
The money will be to develop our marketplace website. The website is on the more expensive side because we are doing a lot of custom programming. To make the website more user friendly and seller-friendly. With a bigger website, we need a bigger backend. We will be getting bigger and faster processors, storage, and bandwidth to run this website.
Hi, I’m Michael Ruggiero founder and owner of MR USA LLC. I’m a student going for cybersecurity in Florida. I was born and raised in New York. My father and grandfather worked in union jobs. Union and American made items/ products were always a top priority with my family. I came up with is the idea of MR USA helping my father look for an American-made flag for his union job-site. With my father coming up short he asked for my help. I spent days looking online for a flag and I came up short. Although, I found some, that were “assembled in USA” and manufacture in China. There were so many that called themselves American made but weren’t. So, I thought there should be an American made marketplace, I was wrong. That’s how MR USA was started. It took me 3 years to get the business started and 2 websites later.
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