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We believe everyone should have the choice to buy American made products. To choose to buy locally and help the future generations of this county. MR USA provides a place to find American made products in one location. We do extended research to make sure the products we offer are American made. The manufacture must provide adequate documentation stating their products are made in America and follow FTC standers.

MR USA is a marketplace for American made goods. Currently, we do not manufacture any products yet. We do the hard work of finding American made products. We make sure the products are made in the USA. We follow FTC standers and we have the manufacture provide documents proof that they make the product in the USA. We are so confident in the products we sell that we guarantee it’s American made and stand up to the expectations of American made products. Our goal is to have a website that the general public can search for everything American made with the security that they are truly buying American made products. We try our best to keep the prices the lowest we can. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

If you have any questions you can contact us by chat on our website, by phone 352-593-7069 and even by email

MR USA logo

Meet the Owner

Hi, I’m Michael Ruggiero founder and owner of MR USA LLC. I’m a student going for cyber security in Florida. I was born and raised in New York. My father and grandfather worked union jobs. Union and American made items/ products were always top priority with my family. I came up with is idea of MR USA helping my father look for an American made flag for his union job-site. With my father coming up short he asked for my help. I spent days looking online for a flag and I came up short. Although, I found some, that were “assembled in USA” and manufacture in China. There were so many that called themselves American made but weren’t. So, I thought there should be an American made marketplace, I was wrong. That’s how MR USA was started. It took me 3 years to get the business started and 2 websites later.

Timeline of MR USA

Thought of MR USA
Back in 2016 the problem of not finding a place to buy American made products came to my attention.
1st website
After 3 years of doing research and developing a website MR USA had its first website. November 2019, we launched the website. November was a busy month for us. We got our first American made product (coolers).
We added Flags
December 2019, we found American made flags which was added to the website.
2nd Website
The first website wasn’t meeting our standers, so we develop another website which was launched in March 2020. We started to add more products and are continually adding!
November, 2019
December, 2019
March 2020


One day, Michael’s father was looking for an American flag that was made in the USA. Coming up short with finding one, he asked Michael help. He began searching for a marketplace that offered exclusively American made products. Unfortunately, after researching he could only find products that were made in other countries other than the USA. With spending money and having the products last a short time. Michael was fed up with cheap products, and tier of wasting time searching for American made products. Michael thought there should be a website that only sells American made products and guarantee the products to be made in USA. To save everyone time that wanted to buy American made. He decided it was time to start the website that offers only American made products, that’s when MR USA LLC was established.


With buying American made products you are helping your Country and fellow workers in many ways.

With buying American made, you are keeping manufactures in this Country which will supply the next generation with jobs. Once a manufacturing plant leaves America, they rarely come back.

Due to government laws, manufactures are becoming green manufactures. Which are producing less of a carbon footprint in the environment.

Making products in America, we are not relying on imported goods to survive and it avoids passing diseases.

Buying American made products, you are helping fellow workers, and supporting fair working condition that are set in place by OSHA. You are not supporting child labor, slavery, and unfair pay.

American made products are known for their quality. American made products are made with better quality components, which makes the products stronger.

With manufacturers employing American workers, there a good chance that the money will be reinvested into the economy.

Places We Been Feature In

We been feature in Huff Industrial Marketing, Inc April issue. The person in the picture is our CEO Michael Ruggiero.